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Context-                                              VCU Brandcenter Student Project

Team-                                                    Hunter Chambers, Nick Martinez,

                        Chyna Napper and Keith Johnson

Tools-                                                      Figma, Adobe Suite

Role-                                                         UX / UI Designer


We set out to streamline this stressful process and make finding what you need as simple as possible, this includes a revamp of The Home Depot app and in-store additions to make the plumbing aisle so user friendly even I could change a garbage disposal. 


 The plumbing aisles at big box stores face a unique situation. The everyday person only visits said aisle when there is a problem and a dire one at that. No one is browsing the pipes dreaming of their next DIY home renovation or stocking up just in case. The plumbing aisle is currently full of misplaced parts, confusing bits, and small pipes that all look the same but have vastly different purposes.


Create a system that not only eases the stress of big-box shoppers but also alleviates the hardship of re-stocking the storefront.


Introducing Store Mode and Home Mode: One of the worst things about Big Box retailers is wandering from aisle to aisle, searching for what you need. With these additions to The Home Depot app, in-store shopping has never been easier. With Home Mode, users can input their current home renovation project and receive an itemized list of the tools and supplies needed to complete the project. 


The Home Depot app will show you exactly what you need. You can then add the items you need to your cart and either buy them through the app and send to a curbside locker, or add them to your cart and choose in-store pick up.


If you choose to pick the items up in store, the app will tell you exactly what aisle to go to, once in the aisle you can send a signal. A small LED light will tell you exactly which item you need, minimizing the risk of accidentally picking up the wrong item. 


Bringing orange bins will be placed between aisles for customers to place the items they don't need. This will cut down on misplaced items which confuse customers and will create less work for restocking.  

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