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Quest Is Ready

Are you ready for it? Meta Quest 2 invites you to dive in head first and experience unforgettable moments inspired by the past, present, and future. The Meta Quest 2 is more than a tool for gamers. it allows anyone to take the lead and create memories that last a lifetime. In the Metaverse, anything is possible, and we are waiting for you to pick up a headset and chase the feeling


First Place Nationally at The National Student Advertising Competition 


Submitted to the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) 2022


Creative Director

Game Day Moments

Football games are quintessential to the college experience, so Meta will send out a double-decker Meta Moments bus to select games. The buses will offer Meta Quest 2 Headsets up top for students to try, while the bottom layer will hand out Meta pretzels modeled after the iconic logo. Meta will also hand out free film cameras for students to capture their game-day memories. 


Meta will place eye-catching cut-out versions of the print ads on billboards in select spot markets,  making the sky a canvas for our art.

Collaboration Station

Students will reach the next level of productivity with Meta Quest when they reserve these study pods in campus libraries. 

Meta Bar Nights

Local bars will get into the groove hosting Meta Quest dance experiences. Think Karaoke, but dance. 

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