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Take It Off

Tinder is asking Gen Z to take it off. Woah woah woah not like that... geeze, get your mind out of the gutter. We want you to take off all the labels, restrictions, and stereotypes that come with dating, growing up, finding yourself, and everything in between. With Tinder, you can bear it all and be your true authentic self.  

Submitted to the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) 2021



Art Director & Promotions Designer 


NSAC District 10- 3rd Place
Lubbock Addys- Gold Integrated  Best of Show, and Judges Choice

Mascot Match Up

Anything is possible on Tinder, even a rivalry romance. At select college football games, a short video displayed on the jumbotron will show the home team’s mascot matching with the rival’s mascot on Tinder, as well as their plans to meet up for a date at the game Mascots won’t be the only ones scoring big. At halftime, students will be encouraged to download Tinder and participate in a stadium-wide Swipe Surge on Tinder U where they’ll have the opportunity to find their own forbidden flame.

In honor of taking off restrictions and making new connections, Tinder and Glossier will collaborate with Gen Z to produce one enormous celebration of Gen Z self expression. Gen Z-ers from across the nation will be invited to design sustainable apparel, create inspired makeup looks, plan set pieces, and produce video content for the take it off Express Yourself Show in New York City. 

Express Yourself Show


Tinder will partner with Target and invite Gen Z to suspend the seriousness of date night planning and opt for a more playful way of building connections. Limited edition Tinder Date-In-a-Box curated by the campaign influencers will be put on digital display in high-traffic areas of the store.

Akinto x Tinder

Tinder will  collaborate with a popular organic clothing line, Akinto, to create a limited edition Tinder pink sweatshirt. The company is motivated to create authentic connections through clothing and features encouraging handwritten notes from other buyers stitched into each sweatshirt’s interior. 

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